Thawte Web of Trust NotaryIf you need some extra notarisation points for your Thawte Web of Trust and/or CAcert Web of Trust identity, I can help you.

I live in the East Coast Bays in Auckland's North Shore, and thus prefer to meet somewhere on my side of the Bridge. Please email me for more details.

I can provide up to 35 points. I will neither request nor accept payment. (And I can take pride in knowing that I'm the first free Thawte notary in New Zealand. :-))

The red tape

You will need copies of at least a form of ‘trusted photographic identification’, which I will keep, as well as their corresponding originals, which I will look at.

Passports and driving licences are obvious candidates. Other forms of officially issued identification should do, but please contact me first. For Thawte notarisations, at least one form of identification has to show the National Identity Number that you provided to Thawte when you first registered.

You might want to read over the notarisation form (Thawte, CAcert) which may give you some ideas about what you should bring along.

Point allocation is, to my knowledge, at the discretion of individual notaries; however, Aaron Whitehouse and I have agreed on a common point schedule, so that we allocate points consistently. If you're a notary, feel free to adopt this if you wish.

Side orders

If you have a PGP/GnuPG public key you'd like me to sign, you can write out its fingerprint and give it to me (please also include your key ID if it's a version 3 key).

My key is available in my keys collection. Some of my keys (1999, 2001 master) are signed by one of the Thawte Personal Freemail keys. Of course, I'll bring my key fingerprint along too, if you'd like to verify my key.


Friends who have listed free Thawte notary service:

You can also contact other Auckland notaries.

Mailing list

Alex Tjahjana runs a mailing list that some Web of Trust notaries in Auckland use to coordinate notarisation meetings, where several notaries meet up and notarise lots of candidates at once. This saves both our time and the candidates', and is also a great way to meet people.

To subscribe, please visit

The old list archives are still available, however they may not be work-safe, until I get around to clearing the spam in it.