When I'm bored, I write haiku. Here are some of them.

For friends…

Nic (22 June 1999)
Saving just enough,
You took to the skies above;
All for Bryan's love.
LRS (8 October 1999)
Here—what you asked for:
‘Happy Birthday Dear Laura.’
Are you happy now?

What? Not good enough?
Sounded like a bit of muff?
Maybe that's just tough.

Just because…

(24 June 1999)
She's changed. So have I.
Time to close the last chapter.
We've all moved on now.
(8 October 1999)
Here it comes again.
Something perplexing my brain,
Driving me insane.
(15 October 1999)
Blurry in the head,
Eyes all decorated red;
Less alive than dead.
(16 March 2000)
My marbles are lost;
Endless stress exerts its cost.
The line, my mind, crossed.
(November 2000)
Much as the heart cries,
The memory never dies
Till the last tear dries.
(November 2000)
Agony and hurt.
The times you feel just like dirt,
A speck on a shirt.

Utter Silliness

These haiku are based on a conversation I had with Sarah on 12 January 2000.

(12 January 2000)
My heart breaks into
A thousand pieces or two,
All longing for you.
(12 January 2000)
‘Cute,’ Sarah remarked,
‘Practising for Valentine's?’
Say, I wouldn't mind!
(12 January 2000)
Computers are not
All that grandly romantic.
What does the heart crave?
(12 January 2000)
Flaming mozzie bites,
They're such a royal nuisance!
Won't they go away?