My ‘generic’ email address is <>. Gmail's spam filtering seems to work fairly well for me so far, so assuming your email isn't erroneously tagged as spam, there's a fair chance that I'll be able to read it.

If you're sending to another mailbox of mine, then be sure that what you send is relevant. I don't mind getting mail from strangers in my Web of Trust mailbox, for example, but the subject line should at least hint at something to do with notarisation. (I am usually quite lenient when it comes to acceptable topics, but I am still ruthless about off-topic material.)

When I reply to messages on mailing lists, I normally send to the list only, without regard to whether you're on it or not. If you want a private copy, say so (the simplest way of doing that is to put a suitable Mail-Followup-To field in your message header).

Feel free to send PGP-encrypted messages. My key can be found in my keys collection; it gets updated at the end of the year.